Staff members conduct routine property maintenance inspections and work with residents to bring their properties up to code compliance.

Reminder: High Weeds And Grass

  • We would like to remind residents that it is unlawful for grass and weeds to be in excess of ten (10) inches in height on all premises and exterior property.
  • Chapter 189 of the Township Ordinances and Section 302.4 of the Property Maintenance Code states all premises and exterior property within any districts shall be maintained free from weeds or weed growth in excess of 10 inches.
  • All noxious plants shall be prohibited. “Weeds” shall be defined as all grasses and vegetation, other than trees, shrubs or vegetation that is edible, provided, however, this term shall not include farm fields, cultivated flowers, and gardens.
  • The provisions of this section shall be applicable to land that is located 200 feet or less from any building or structure available for use for human occupancy.
To file a maintenance complaint about a property, a form may be filled out and submitted to the Community Development department.  The form can be found on our Forms page.