Tax Collector Updates

Clarification on Acceptance of Personal Checks in the Tax Office – Please note that personal checks will always be accepted in the Tax Office for payment of County/Township and School real estate taxes EXCEPT during the period December 14 through December 31 of each year.  During that period, only cashier’s checks, certified checks or money orders are acceptable for payment of real estate taxes.  My predecessor followed this same procedure for years.

Tax Office Closures – Please note that the Tax Office is closed for vacation on the following dates:

            May 29 thru June 2                                        September 25-29

            October 16-20                                                             Other dates to be determined

Tax payments can always be mailed to 275 Cumberland Parkway, #325, Mechanicsburg 17055 or dropped in either the outside or inside drop boxes at the Township building.

Important dates to remember:

County/Township Real Estate Tax Bill

Last date to pay at “face” is June 30, 2023

Last date to pay at “penalty” is December 31, 2023

School Real Estate Tax Bill

School real estate tax bills will go out on/about July 1, 2023

Last date to pay at “discount” is August 31, 2023

Last date to pay at “face” is October 31, 2023

Last date to pay at “penalty” is December 31, 2023

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