Street Paving

2018 Road Improvements

Kimberly Meadows (Hellam Dr, Belvedere Dr, Conway Dr, Glendale Dr, Manor Dr). Roadwork includes base repair, cold in-place recycling (grind up existing pavement and mix with hot oil and reuse for base) and overlay with 1-1/2 wearing course. The intersection of Conway Dr and Hellam Dr includes the installation of perforated pipe to collect underground water and connect to a stormwater inlet on Mt Allen Drive.  Manor Dr includes base repair and ¼” single sized aggregate chip seal and fog seal and will be installed when Gettysburg Pike work is started.

Gettysburg Pike from Yellow Breeches Creek to Cumberland Parkway includes base repair and a double layer of 3/8 single sized aggregate chip seal and fog seal.

Roadway Management Plan

In early 2014 the Board of Commissioners engaged the Township’s consulting engineer, C. S. Davidson, to evaluate the overall condition of approximately 70 miles of Township-owned roads. Davidson worked with Township staff for several months to collect roadway data and used the data to develop a 10-Year Roadway Management Plan for Upper Allen Township.

The draft plan was presented to the Board of Commissioners in September. The plan was changed to a 15-year plan in 2016 due to high-cost maintenance. Click on the link at the bottom of this page to review a copy of the report. (Updated as of 2-12-2016)

Questions About Microsurfacing

Q: Will I have access to my property on the day of the roadwork?

A: Yes, but you will have to park on an adjacent street until the road surface is completely dry.

Q. How will I know when construction will start on my street?

A: “No Parking” signs will be placed on your street.

Q: How will I know when construction is completed?

A: The “No Parking” signs will have been removed on your street.

Q: “No Parking” signs were posted on my street however no work was done. Why is this?

A: Weather, especially rain, can delay work. The signs will remain in place until we begin work.

Q: When can I drive or walk on the road surface?

A: After the street cones and “No Parking” signs are removed and the street is opened to traffic. This will be the assurance of a completely cured surface. Typically you can drive on the road within one to two hours. We advise that you drive slow and do not turn your wheels unless your vehicle is moving.

Q: I had to walk on the fresh pavement, can I enter my home or car?

A: If you have walked on the fresh pavement, it is not recommended to wear the shoes in your house or car.

Q: What if I get asphalt on my car or in my house?

A: Fresh soap and water may remove it but a citrus-based cleaner such as Goo-Gone works best.

Q: Why does my road appear rough, especially at the seams?

A: Initially the surface will appear rough however over time the surface will smooth out to a more uniform texture.