2024 Candlelight Drive
Fisher Road - Township Line to 400ft. North of South View Drive
Kendall Drive
South Meadow Drive - Southview Drive to West Meadow Drive
Southview Drive (Meadow) - Fisher Road to North Meadow Drive
West Meadow Drive - Fisher Road to North Meadow Drive

Roadway Management Plan - August 2023

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Questions About Road Surfacing
Will I have access to my property on the day of the roadwork?
Yes, but you will have to park on an adjacent street until the road surface is completely dry.
How will I know when construction will start on my street?
“No Parking” signs will be placed on your street.
How will I know when construction is completed?
The “No Parking” signs will have been removed on your street. an adjacent street until the road surface is completely dry.
"No Parking" signs were posted on my street however no work was done. Why is this?
Weather, especially rain, can delay work. The signs will remain in place until we begin work.
When can I drive or walk on the road surface?
After the street cones and “No Parking” signs are removed and the street is opened to traffic. This will be the assurance of a completely cured surface. Typically you can drive on the road within one to two hours. We advise that you drive slow and do not turn your wheels unless your vehicle is moving.
I had to walk on the fresh pavement, can I enter my home or car?
If you have walked on the fresh pavement, it is not recommended to wear the shoes in your house or car.
What if I get asphalt on my car or in my house?
Fresh soap and water may remove it but a citrus-based cleaner such as Goo-Gone works best.
Why does my road appear rough, especially at the seams?
Initially the surface will appear rough however over time the surface will smooth out to a more uniform texture.
Where can I find information about roadway treatments or improvements?
Information regarding roadway treatments and improvements can be found here