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snow removal priority roads
Fire House, Police Station, Office Parking Lot, Gettysburg Pike, Cumberland Parkway, East Winding Hill Road, South York Street, West Lisburn Road Form Gettysburg Pike to RT 114, West Winding Hill Road, East Winding Hill Road, Allendale Road, Wilson Lane, Grantham Road, Mt Allen Drive, Kim Acres Drive, Bumble Bee Hollow Road, Mill Road, Hertzler Road, Fisher Road, Stumpstown Road, Arcona Road, Sinclair Road and Geneva Drive.

Snow Removal Ordinance

Upper Allen Township Snow PolicyEvery snow event has its own unique characteristics. Factors such as storm intensity, duration, wind, and moisture content affect the total accumulation of snow and ice and dictate the methods used to remove the accumulated snow and ice. The Township endeavors to maintain adequate traction for vehicles properly equipped for winter driving. This does not mean streets will be free of all ice and snow.

There are 5 types of roads within Upper Allen Township maintained by 4 different entities:
  1. Township public streets & roads maintained by Upper Allen Township.
  2. State-owned roads maintained by Penn DOT.
  3. State-owned roads maintained under contract by Upper Allen Township.
  4. Private roads & streets maintained by a Home Owners Association.
  5. Private roads maintained by the private landowner/resident.

During snow events, emergency calls from State Police, Upper Allen Police & EMS are given top priority. Our road crew will not respond to unverified “emergency” calls from the general public. Because of the high priority assigned to snow events, all other Public Works activities are suspended until the conclusion of the snow event.

Winter Storm WarningThe Public Works Department will monitor weather conditions on a 24-hour schedule when a winter storm warning is in the forecast. If the forecast predicts more than 9” of snow, a Snow Emergency will be recommended. Upper Allen Township Police will enforce no parking on Township streets during a Snow Emergency, in accordance with Chapter 233-16 of the Township Code.

Salt, etc.If conditions warrant, salt will be applied at the start of a snow event. Conditions will dictate if multiple applications are needed. During significant storms, roads may be plowed several times. Salt is not put down between plowing, but waits until the end of the storm. Anti-skid (stone) will be mixed with salt when required. It takes 2-3 hours to complete a salt application across the Township.

PlowingPlowing operations normally begin when there is 3” or more of snow on the roads. Plowing and salting may be done simultaneously. If, at any time it is unsafe to be plowing, the operation will be suspended until conditions improve.  When the storm has ended, we will go back and widen out (make multiple passes to move the snow off of the main travel lanes). Depending on conditions, plowing can take 6 or more hours to complete 1 pass across the Township. The Public Works crew will make multiple passes over a 48-72-hour period to move the snow off the road. While removing snow from the roadway it is inevitable that driveways, parking areas and mailboxes may become blocked with snow. While it is our goal to avoid these circumstances, residents are reminded that it is their responsibility to maintain driveways, parking areas & mailboxes.

When a winter storm warning is issued and the forecast predicts more than 9” of snow, a Snow Emergency will be recommended. Upper Allen Township Police will enforce no parking on Township streets during a Snow Emergency, in accordance with Chapter 233-16 of the Township Code.

Yard DamageYard damage is an unfortunate part of snow removal. The Township does not repair yards within our right-of-way. If damage has occurred out of our right-of-way, the Township will repair it at our convenience, most likely in the springtime. Residents are encouraged to place markers along their yard to assist plow drivers & prevent damage.

MailboxesMailboxes and their posts are the responsibility of the homeowner to maintain. Please make sure that your mailbox is firmly attached to the post and that the post is structurally sound. Damage to the mailbox and/or post from snow thrown from the snowplow is not the Township’s responsibility. Property owners have the sole responsibility for the repair or replacement of the mailbox and post in the event the snow cast from the plow is the cause of the damage. The Township will not be responsible for the repair and/or replacement of any mailbox or post unless the damage was the result of a direct hit by the Township’s snow removal equipment. A paint mark or truck tire tracks typically supply evidence of a direct mailbox strike. Damage caused by Penn DOT plow vehicles, private contractors, private vehicles, or any unknown sources of damage will not be repaired or reimbursed by the Township. If it is determined by Township personnel’s inspection that a mailbox and/or post were physically struck by the snowplow blade or truck, the Township will reimburse the property owner $50.00 for damages. Landscaping, sprinkler systems and planting materials added to or around the mailbox will be the sole responsibility of the property owner. The Township will not reimburse the property owner for damage to landscaping placed in the right-of-way. Property owners must notify the Township within seven (7) days of the damage incident. Damage reports not received in a timely manner will be denied. Reimbursement by the Township is limited to one time per winter season.

Resident Participation:
  1. During a snow event, residents should not park on streets or in cul-de-sacs.
  2. If you must park on the street, co-ordinate with your neighbors to park on the same side of the street. In the event of a Snow Emergency, it is unlawful to park motor vehicles on Township-maintained streets from commencement of the Snow Emergency until the snow has been plowed, in accordance with Chapter 233-16 of the Township Code.
  3. Residents are reminded that placing snow on or in Township roads is strictly prohibited in accordance with Section 205-2 of the Township Code. All snow shoveled or plowed by residents should remain on their property.
  4. Residents can greatly assist during snow events by clearing snow around fire hydrants & mailboxes. In accordance with Section 205-3, it shall be the duty of property owners or occupants to remove snow and ice from around fire hydrants within 24 hours following a storm.
  5. Township personnel will not remove snow in front of mailboxes, driveways or dig out cars that have been plowed in.

Private PropertyNo Township personnel or equipment will be used for snow removal on private property.

Removal of vehiclesNo Township personnel or equipment will be used to remove stuck or abandoned vehicles unless the Police or EMS request it or the Director of Public Works determines the removal is necessary for public safety.

Additional Snow Plowing RemindersStay Back 200 FeetPlease be patient and keep back 200 feet. Just as with all large trucks, if you can’t see our mirrors, then we can’t see you. The trucks are constantly backing up and need room to be able to do their jobs.

Don’t Shovel Until We PlowDo not shovel your sidewalks or driveways until we have plowed your street. With each pass, we push the snow back. Some wider streets require that the crew makes as many as four or five passes to get the snow off the street.

Keep Your Children Safe And Away From The RoadsSides of the road are extremely dangerous, as children can easily be hidden and trapped inside snow mounds.

Do Not Block RoadwaysIt is impossible for plowing crews to avoid plowing snow in front of driveways.  Do not block the roadway or approach the truck to avoid having snow plowed into a driveway.  These actions are dangerous and only prolong the road clearing process.  If possible, wait to clear your driveway after crews have finished plowing the roads.

It Takes A Long Time To Plow And Salt RoadsThe Public Works staff provides winter maintenance on 75 miles of public roads. Depending on the weather and the projected snow accumulation (3 inches or more), a full plow run takes twelve trucks about twelve hours to plow just one time. When you factor in plowing one lane open in each direction, crews cover 150 miles of roads.

Once plowing is completed, trucks go around and salt all the roads. It takes 5 hours to make one complete salt run using approximately 87 tons of salt at a cost of around $6,590. The overtime cost to plow on a weekend for 14 hours costs around $3,969.

Move Play Equipment Off The Roads And Back 3 FeetBasketball nets that are not off the road by three feet are illegal and prevent us from doing our jobs.

Mark Your Yard With Reflective Stakes When No Curb Is PresentDo not forget to mark your yard if there are no curbs. Any kind of reflective marker or stake about one foot off the road and two feet high will help us judge the edge and help save the grass.