Zone 6

Winding Hills and Orchard Glen Developments (dedicated streets only), Hertzler Road from Mt. Allen Drive to the railroad underpass; Allenview; Bowmansdale east of S. Market Street; E. Lisburn Road between S. Market Street and Mt. Allen underpass; Witney Ridge; Spring Run Manor; Spring Run Acres; Mt. Allen Heights; Reservoir Hill; Kimberly Meadows; Park Hills Drive Area; Wayne Drive; Breezewood Hill (Midland Road, Breezewood Drive); Sleepy Hollow Farms (Lavina Drive, Hilda Court); Flintlock Ridge – Collection will begin: May 18th thru May 22nd 

Zone 5

Fisher Road; Southview Drive cul-de-sac off of Fisher Road; Gettysburg Pike between Cumberland Parkway and Fisher Road; Country Estates; Williams Grove Road between Fisher Road and PA Turnpike; W. Winding Hill Road; E. Winding Hill Road, between S. Market Street and Gettysburg Pike; S. York Street between PA Turnpike and Gettysburg Pike; Shepherdstown; Meadowview Estates; Arborfield; S. Market Street between Rt. 15 and PA Turnpike; Lindenwood; Arlington Hills; Gray Drive; Whitebrier (Wineberry Drive, Dewberry Court); Winding Hill Heights; Cumberland Parkway; Old Schoolhouse Lane; Reynolds Street – Collection will begin: April 13th thru April 17th 

Zone 4

E. Lisburn Road between Mt. Allen underpass and Lower Allen Township line; Hertzler Road from the railroad underpass to Arcona Road; Klinedinst Road; E. Winding Hill Road between Arcona Road and railroad tracks; Arcona Road; Arcona Estates; Raven Hills; Gutshall Lane; Apache Trail; Pima Circle; Ford Farm; Allen Glen; McCormick Road; Bishop Road – Collection will begin: April 20th thru April 24th

Zone 3

Williams Grove Road between Mech. line and PA Turnpike; Peachtree Village; Trindle Station; Diehl Road; Old Grove Road; Sinclair Road; Miller’s Crest; Miller’s Acres; S. York Street between Mech. line and PA Turnpike; S. Market Street between Mech. line and PA Turnpike; Sunnyland; Webercroft; Georgetown; Allendale Road; Stonehedge; Melbourne Place; Meadowood; Ridge Court; Geneva Drive; Nanroc Drive; Cedar Ridge; Ariel Court; Deerhaven; Wilson Lane; Heritage Acres; Fair Oaks – Collection will begin: April 27th thru May 1st

Zone 2

S. Market Street between Rt. 15 and Simpson Park, W. Lisburn Road between Rt. 15 and S. Market Street; Grantham Road; Mill Road; Grantham Area (Woodbine Street, Laurel Street, Cedar Street, High Street, Yorkview Drive, Low Street); Edgewood (Sholly Drive, Woodside Drive); Spacious Acres; Park Ridge; Bumble Bee Hollow Road; Bumble Bee Hollow Development; Bowman’s Village; Bowman’s Hill; Bowmansdale between S. Market St. and Bumble Bee Hollow Road – Collection will begin: May 4th thru May 8th

Zone 1

Gettysburg Pike between Township line near Rosegarden and Fisher Road, W. Lisburn Road between Rt. 15 and Monroe Township line, Grantham Road between Gettysburg Pike and Monroe Township line; Rosegarden; Ashcombe Farms; Stumpstown Road; Ashcombe Farms North; Creekstone; Center Square; Center Square Manor; Country Square; Canterbury Estates – Collection will begin: May 11 thru May 15

Please Keep In Mind

Any small clippings, yard or tree debris that appears as though they have been raked up will not be taken. Examples include arborvitae clippings, vines, sawdust, etc.

Not only will the vines become tangled in the chipper, but also if items were raked up, then there is a good possibility that the pile contains rocks. Rocks and stones damage the chipping equipment and produce potentially dangerous projectiles that pose a potential hazard to our crew members.

Please bag all this type of debris and set it out with your trash.

Additionally, please note that residents may place brush out with their weekly trash. Brush disposed of through trash pickup must be in bundles no longer than 6 feet long and in such a size that can be easily handled by one person (maximum weight: 75 lbs.).

A brush bundle will count against the total amount of trash an individual resident may place at the curb on a weekly basis.

Black trash bagged filled with leaves stacked by road

Guidelines For Branch Pickup

  • Please have all branch out at the curb by 7:00 A.M. on Monday morning. We cannot guarantee a specific day that we will pick up brush in any given area.
  • We can only pick up tree trimmings that measure 4″ or less in diameter. Residents must remove branches from tree trunks. (We recommend that residents with branches larger than 4″ in diameter contact with a tree service for removal.)
  • Please avoid placing short pieces of heavy wood, such as firewood, for pickup. Wood of this size will jam the chipping equipment.
  • Put small items, such as hedge trimmings, vines, long grasses, yard debris, and fence posts in your garbage container and place it out for your weekly Republic Services trash pickup.
  • Do not tie branches into bundles or place them in trash cans or garbage bags for us to pick up. Again, you should dispose of such items with your weekly Republic Services pick up.
  • We are not able to grind wood with any metal attached to it. (Example: wire, nails, etc.)
  • The longer the branch, the better it is for workers to handle and place into the chipper.
  • Please stack branches neatly at the curbside with cut ends facing toward the road.
  • Do not make your branch pile higher than three (3) feet or place branches in a pile wider than ten (10) feet. The limit is one (1) pile per house.
  • Do not make your branch pile higher than three (3) feet or place branches in a pile wider than ten (10) feet. The limit is one (1) pile per house.
  • We will not pick up contractors’ branch piles. This service is for residents of the Township only.
  • We will not take whole trees. If you cut down a tree or have one cut down, then it is your responsibility to dispose of it.
  • If it appears that the brush did not come from the residence it is piled in front of, then it will not be picked up. For example, your friends or relatives cannot bring their tree limbs to your house for pickup.
  • We cannot drive onto private roads, driveways, or yards due to liability issues.
  • If we visit your neighborhood and do not pick up your branches, then we will leave you a note explaining why we could not pick them up.
  • Cut off roots and stumps and place them in a separate pile. We do not take stumps weighing more than 50 pounds.
  • We will not accept garbage bags and trashcans full of debris.
  • In accordance with Chapter 233-20 of the Township code, “The placement of brush and yard waste to be collected by Township employees as part of the Township’s brush recycling program or by another person on Township streets for a period of more than seven days shall be prohibited.”
  • We will not pick up anything with thorns on it.

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