Public Works

A yellow front end loader hauling brush

The Public Works Department consists of 12 staff members that are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of over 74 miles of Township roads and the winter upkeep of an additional 7 miles of state roads.

The department is responsible for maintenance of all parks, snow plowing, paving, pothole repairs, stormwater system, curbside brush pickup, traffic signals, and signs. 

Public Works Department

100 Gettysburg Pike

Mechanicsburg, PA 17055

  • Telephone: 717-766-0756

  • Fax: 717-796-9833


Public Works Director, Corey Stazewski

  • Telephone: 717-525-0864

  • Mail:


Parks Maintenance, Chad Krebs

  • Mail:


Mechanic, Garret Lucas

Heavy Equipment Operator, Sam Miller

Heavy Equipment Operator, Kevin Knisely

Laborer II, Ron Traver

Laborer II, Tom Bailey

Laborer II, Dave Sowers

Public Works – MS4 Coordinator, Collin Barge

  • Telephone: 717-756-9169

  • Mail:


Laborer II, Randy Hornberger

Laborer II, Dwayne Day

Laborer I, Thomas Strickler