History of the Department

Formed on July 1, 1966, the first Chief of Police, Chief Clyde R. King, worked out of his home. In December of that same year, the Township purchased an old fruit market located at 52 Gettysburg Pike. This later became the Township and Police offices. The Department moved to occupy a 3,000 square foot facility located at 100 Gettysburg Pike in 1982. When it outgrew this facility, in March 2011 the Department transitioned into its current headquarters which will meet its needs for the immediate future. The 12,000 square foot headquarters includes:

  • Interview rooms for both crime victims and suspects
  • Roll call room used for three daily briefings
  • Proper evidence facilities to include preparation, processing and storage
  • Appropriate workstations that utilize state of art technology
  • Armory
  • Dedicated Police Training Room and Emergency Operations Center
  • Room for expansion to 35 sworn Officers if necessary


Currently, there are 23 sworn officers proudly providing professional police services to the Township.

Police Department Staff

  • Chief of Police

  • Lieutenant

  • Detective Sergeant

  • Detectives - 2

  • Patrol Sergeants - 3

  • Police Officers - 12

  • Traffic Safety Officers - 3

  • Administrative Assistant

  • Police Clerk


Assessors of the Pennsylvania Law Enforcement Accreditation Commission (PLEAC) completed an on-site assessment of the Department on April 27, 28, and 29, 2010. The certified assessors gave their unanimous recommendation for the Upper Allen Police Department to receive full accreditation status at the next scheduled PLEAC meeting.


On July 10, 2010 PLEAC met and voted to grant full accreditation status to the Upper Allen Township Police Department. First established in July 2001, the PLEAC program contains 131 standards and 184 sub standards. The Upper Allen Police Department is the 68th police department out of over 1200 police departments in Pennsylvania to be recognized by PLEAC as an accredited agency.

Law enforcement agency logo

Military Service

6 US Armed Forces Veterans

Department Services

Providing Upper Allen Township with Police Services requires an ongoing analysis of our operation. This ensures that those the community receives such services in an efficient, professional and, most importantly, safe manner.


The Department’s ability to patrol closely parallels the level of crime and the types of criminal activities in the community. The Department tracks obligated time of its Police Officers on patrol to determine their efficiency. Obligated time is a way to measure availability of our Police Officers to provide services. The data to the right represents a recent historical look at the Departments obligated time


The three year average of 54.6% means that whenever you saw an Upper Allen Police Officer during this time period, there is 54.6% likelihood that the Officer was already committed to providing a service one of your fellow members of this community.

  • 2013


  • 2012


  • 2011


  • 2010


Student Interaction

Interaction with Students of the Mechanicsburg School District and the Hilltop Academy on an almost daily basis including:

  • Foot patrol at each of the four schools.
  • Maintaining a reading program with age appropriate students at Hilltop Academy.
  • Mentoring of at-risk students at Mechanicsburg Middle School.
  • Providing Mechanicsburg Area students with the SMART (Students Making Appropriate Responses to Tough Situations) S.M.A.R.T.S. program to assist them in making responsible decisions when facing tough situations involving life skills, safety and health related challenges such as drugs or alcohol, personal safety, peer pressure, and bullying. Students have opportunities to interact with a wide range of Police Officers.

Bike Patrols

When appropriate, officers will patrol on bikes through neighborhoods and events.

Fingerprinting for Township Residents

Fingerprinting is available for employment purposes. Please contact the department for additional information.

Vacation House Checks

Please contact the depatment for additional information on this service.

Public Relations and Events

The police service is really no different from any other business in terms of what it takes to be successful. The principles which guide the Upper Allen Township Police Department in delivery of services include:

  • Solving problems versus masking them
  • Working to develop meaningful relationships with members of our community
  • Working with members of our community to empower them with the skills to solve their own problems
  • Utilizing technology to assist whenever possible
  • Providing professional Police services possible

Associations and Networking

Training and Education

Due to its association with other Criminal Justice services and organizations, the Department has established itself as a law enforcement leader in central Pennsylvania. Members of the Department often serve on an executive board which delivers policy, training, and direction to the law enforcement community as a whole.

The ability to network with other law enforcement agencies allows the Department to continually provide professional services at the least minimal cost. These agencies include but are not limited to:

  • Cumberland County Chiefs of Police Association.
  • Cumberland County Criminal Justice Advisory Board
  • Harrisburg Area Community College – Public Safety Center Advisory Board
  • Central Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association.
  • Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association
  • International Association of Chiefs of Police
  • FBI National Academy Associates
  • PA Eastern Chapter of the FBI National Academy Associates.
  • Cumberland County Rape Crisis Anonymous Reporting Committee.
  • cNET Steering Committee
  • Mid-Atlantic Great Lakes Organized Crime Law Enforcement Network

The Department consists of highly motivated, well-trained professionals. The professional develop of Department personnel is a top priority. The achievements of Department Officers include:

  • Four members hold a Master’s Degree.
  • Eight members have earned a Bachelor’s degree while a ninth Officer is in the process of completing a Bachelor’s program.
  • Five members possess an Associate’s degree.
  • Seven former or current members of the Department graduated from the FBI National Academy (FBINA). The FBINA is an exclusive, executive training program conducted in Quantico, Virginia. Another member attended in the third quarter of 2011.
  • One member graduated from Northwestern University Police Staff and Command School.
  • One member is a Criminal Justice Adjunct Faculty at Harrisburg Area Community College.
  • One member is a Police Academy Instructor for the PA Municipal Police Officers Education and Training Commission.
  • Three members are Law Enforcement Trainers at the Public Safety Center at Harrisburg Area Community College.