The following individuals have been issued permits to solicit and go door-to-door in Upper Allen Township.  Each individual should be wearing a lanyard with the permit visibly displayed for you to see.  If you have a “No Soliciting” sign at your door, please note that they are not permitted to attempt to ring your doorbell or knock on your door.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Township office at 717-766-0756.

Residents should call the Upper Allen Police Department at 717-795-2445 or the non-emergency dispatch (24 hour number) at 717-238-9676 if anyone tries to solicit your residence without the proper permit.

If you are interested in acquiring a solicitation permit, please contact the Township office.

Name Company Permit Start Date Permit Expiration Date
Michael Barberi IGS Energy February 29, 2024 March 07, 2024
James Knight Stoic Management – Verizon February 29, 2024 March 07, 2024

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