Upper Allen Township Master Plan for 1340 E. Lisburn road - generations ParkThe Master Plan was presented at the July 20, 2022 Board of Commissioners meeting.  At that meeting, it was announced that the official address will be 1340 E. Lisburn Road.  

At the August 3rd, 2022 Board of Commissioners meeting, the Master Plan was formally accepted and can be viewed by clicking the the blue button below.

The plan for the current trail project approved on May 15, 2024 can also be found below.



Upper Allen Township Parks, Recreation & Open Space Plan, Spring 2016As a Township that strives to provide its community with high quality parks, open spaces and programming, in 2002 the Township completed a Comprehensive Recreation and Open Space Plan. This plan assessed the existing parks and recreation system and made recommendations based off analysis and outreach. Reviewing the past plan and considering which recommendations were prescribed compared to which ones were actually implemented shed insight upon which issues still have left to be addressed and what types of actions are actually viable for the Township to carry out.

Upper Allen Township, Comprehensive Plan December 2013 The Comprehensive Plan of Upper Allen Township is a long-range guide for legislative decisions and a reference for needed policy changes.  The Comprehensive Plan provides data about population and housing, environmental and cultural resources, existing and future land uses, community facilities and services, public utilities, transportation, parks and recreation, and adjacent and regional planning.

Upper Allen Township, Roadway Management Plan August 2023In early 2014 the Board of Commissioners engaged the Township’s consulting engineer, C. S. Davidson, to evaluate the overall condition of approximately 70 miles of Township-owned roads. Davidson worked with Township staff for several months to collect roadway data and used the data to develop a 10-Year Roadway Management Plan for Upper Allen Township.

The draft plan was presented to the Board of Commissioners in September, 2016. The plan was changed to a 15-year plan in 2016 due to high-cost maintenance.  (Updated as of 8-24-2023)