Sewer Department Planned Project for 2024: 

The Lisburn Road Trunk Sewer Project which consists of the replacement construction of approximately 2,847 l.f. of 8” and 10” sanitary sewer with new 12” PVC sewer piping in order to provide capacity for future development, primarily in the area north of West Lisburn Road.  The project parallels Grantham Road between West Lisburn Road and Messiah University’s north entrance.  Funding for this project is through the Sewer Reserve Fund, a DCED CFA grant, and Rider Musser Development, Inc. 

Sewer Department Ongoing Projects in 2024:

The Grantham Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) Sludge Dewatering and Equipment Upgrade project was initiated in 2023 and is scheduled for completion in early 2024.  The project consists of the replacement of the existing belt filter press with a new stainless steel BDP screw press and rotary thickener and associated equipment which includes a stainless steel JDV conveyor system, polymer mixing, injection and pump system, Allen Bradley electrical control panel, Borger sludge pumps, and sludge piping and valves as required.  Equipment purchases and contract installation of the above work is being performed utilizing Kappe Associates, Inc. and Pumping Solutions, Inc. (PSI) through the PA CoStars Procurement Program.  Building structural modifications and equipment design was performed by the engineering firm GHD.

In addition, the Grantham WWTP Miscellaneous Improvements Project is underway with contracts awarded to PSI and WYElectric, Inc.  This work includes building architectural and structural modifications, and a new replacement utility water system, air compressor system, digester blowers, and waste activated sludge valves.  Other work includes building roofing replacement and heating and lighting upgrades.

Funding for each of the above projects was through the Sewer Reserve Fund.

The Grantham wastewater treatment facility, which receives flow from the Grantham drainage basin in the Township, was originally constructed and placed in operation in 1974. The plant was upgraded in 1986, 1992, and most recently in 2013.

The wastewater treatment facility currently has an average daily design flow of 1.10 million gallons per day (mgd) and a peak daily design flow of 2.10 mgd. The five-year annual average daily flow to the plant is currently 0.644 mgd.

The treatment processes at the facility include influent pumping and screening, activated sludge aeration using the sequencing batch reactor (SBR) process for nitrogen removal, alum addition for phosphorus removal, chlorine disinfection, aerobic digestion, and sludge dewatering for landfill disposal of sludge.

In 2013 major biological nutrient removal (BNR) improvements and upgrades were completed at the plant in order to comply with new National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) discharge limits imposed in connection with the Chesapeake Bay tributary strategy.

Nutrient limits imposed under NPDES Permit No. PA0024902 include 6 mg/l for total nitrogen (22,991 lbs./yr.) and .8 mg/l for total phosphorus (2,679 lbs./yr.) on the plant discharge to the Yellow Breeches Creek.

In 2015 a capital improvements project was completed that included the construction of new masonry administrative and garage buildings above the 100-year flood plain level. The administrative building houses all process control equipment, the laboratory, separate workspace for employees, a conference room and a file storage room.

The three-bay garage houses Sewer Department vehicles and equipment including the Vactor truck, the televising truck, an emergency portable generator, and pickup trucks. The garage also serves as a maintenance and parts storage area.