Sewer Department

100 Gettysburg Pike

Mechanicsburg, PA 17055

  • Telephone: 717-766-0756

  • Fax: 717-796-9833

Sewer Department Director, Barry A. Cupp

Wastewater Treatment Plant Superintendent/Assistant Sewer Department Director, Kodi Hockenberry

Resident Services Specialist, Sewer Administration, Sherie Minich

Resident Services Specialist, Sewer Accounts, Shona Witmer

Upcoming Projects

Sewer Department planned projects for 2022-2023:

Sewer Department planned projects for 2022-2023:

In 2022 the Board of Commissioners approved budgeting to replace the aging sludge belt filter press, sludge pumps, piping and related equipment.  In addition, numerous other necessary improvements were budgeted for as follows:
1. Grantham Wastewater Treatment Plant Sludge Dewatering and Equipment Upgrade
    1.1. Replacement of existing Envirodyne belt filter press with new stainless steel BDP screw press equipment
           1.1.1. Replacement of existing conveyor system with new JDV shaftless stainless steel conveyor system with multi-port discharge
           1.1.2. Installation of a rotary drum thickener
           1.1.3. Installation of new polymer mixing, injection and pump system
           1.1.4. Installation of new Allen Bradley electrical control panel
           1.1.5. Replacement of existing sludge pumps with new Borger sludge pumps
           1.1.6. Replacement of sludge piping and valves as required
    1.2. Equipment purchase and contract installation for the above work is being performed utilizing Kappe Associates, Inc. through the PA CoStars Procurement Program. Building and equipment design layout is being performed by the engineering firm GHD. Funding for the work is through the Sewer Reserve Fund
2. Grantham Wastewater Treatment Plant Miscellaneous Improvements
    2.1. Belt Filter Press Building architectural and structural modifications (to accommodate screw press sludge dewatering system)
    2.2. Existing lime silo demolition
    2.3. New chemical loading platform
    2.4. Replacement utility water system and piping
    2.5. New air compressor system
    2.6. New digester blowers
    2.7. New waste activated sludge valves
    2.8. Building roofing replacement
    2.9. Building heating and lighting upgrades
    2.10. This portion of the project will be performed by the conventional bidding process. GHD will perform design and permitting services, and will prepare bid documents

The Grantham wastewater treatment facility, which receives flow from the Grantham drainage basin in the Township, was originally constructed and placed in operation in 1974. The plant was upgraded in 1986, 1992, and most recently in 2013.

The Wastewater treatment facility currently has an average daily design flow of 1.10 million gallons per day (mgd) and a peak daily design flow of 2.10 mgd. The five-year annual average daily flow to the plant is currently 0.644 mgd.

The treatment processes at the facility include influent pumping and screening, activated sludge aeration using the sequencing batch reactor (SBR) process for nitrogen removal, alum addition for phosphorus removal, chlorine disinfection, aerobic digestion, and belt filter press sludge dewatering for landfill disposal of sludge.

In 2013 major biological nutrient removal (BNR) improvements and upgrades were completed at the plant in order to comply with new National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) discharge limits imposed in connection with the Chesapeake Bay tributary strategy.

Nutrient limits imposed under NPDES Permit No. PA0024902 include 6 mg/l for total nitrogen (22,991 lbs./yr.) and .8 mg/l for total phosphorus (2,679 lbs./yr.) on the plant discharge to the Yellow Breeches Creek.

In 2014 a capital improvement project began which included the construction of a new operations building and garage above the 100-year flood plain level. The operations building houses all process control equipment, the laboratory, separate workspace for employees, a conference room and a file storage room.

The three-bay garage houses Sewer Department vehicles and equipment including the Vactor truck, the televising truck, a tractor, and pickup trucks. The garage also serves as a maintenance and parts storage area. The operations building and garage construction were completed in June 2015.

Grantham Wastewater Treatment Plant

400 Creekside Drive

Mechanicsburg, PA 17055

  • Telephone: 717-697-9548 or 717-766-0756

Wastewater Treatment Plant Superintendent, Kodi Hockenberry

Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator, Ryan Reed

Wastewater Treatment Plant Maintenance Chief, Jere Shughart

Wastewater Treatment Plant Maintenance Worker I, Tim Hooven

Wastewater Treatment Plant Technician/Operator Trainee,  Corey Clark

Wastewater Treatment PlanMaintenance Worker I, Vacant


1. If an account is 3 or more quarters overdue, a first warning letter is mailed via regular mail. This gives the owner of the property ten (10) days to pay the balance or make payment arrangements by signing a payment agreement.

2. If the account is not paid or the owner has not made payment arrangements after ten (10) days have passed, a lien is filed and a second notice letter along with a copy of the time-stamped lien is sent to the owner via certified mail and regular mail which advises them of possible water service termination. The owner has ten (10) days to pay the balance or make payment arrangements.

3. Water service termination is permitted by Pennsylvania law under the provisions of the Water Service Act, 53 P.S. Section 3102.101. If ten (10) days have passed and the owner has made no effort to reconcile their sewer account, a water termination letter along with a copy of the Responsible Utility Customer Protection Act of 2004 is sent via certified mail and regular mail explaining that they have an additional ten (10) days to pay or their water service will be terminated. This letter is also posted on the property and on the front door of the residence. Said action shall result in additional charges becoming due and payable including any fee imposed by the water utility.

4. After the passage of ten (10) days without communication from the owner, the Township will initiate water service termination. The water company, per their policies, may terminate service Monday through Thursday of each week, but not proceeding a holiday weekend.  The water company charges a fee to terminate and reconnect service. This fee is charged by the Township to the customer’s sewer account.

5. If the owner does not fulfill their obligations, the residence may be determined uninhabitable and/or the Township may pursue legal action through a Writ of Scire Facias or a Civil Complaint.



Bills can be mailed to Upper Allen Township, 100 Gettysburg Pike, Mechanicsburg, PA 17055


Bills can be paid online free of charge at Xpress BillPay. Automatic payments can also be set up on this site. If setting up automatic payments, please remember to update credit card/checking account information or e-mail addresses if any information changes. You may also sign up for paperless billing.


There is an overnight drop box outside the main entrance of the Township building where payments are accepted outside of normal business hours.


 You may contact the Sewer Department by calling (717) 766-0756 to pay your sewer bill via debit or credit card.

**Please Note**

Payment for sewer bills must be received in the office, not postmarked, by the due date to avoid the penalty charge.

For rental properties, bills must be sent to the owner of the property. Accounts cannot be transferred into a tenant’s name.

Failure of any person to receive quarterly bills for sewer rentals or charges shall not be considered an excuse for nonpayment nor shall such failure result in an extension of the period of time during which the net bill shall be payable..

Sewer Rates

The 2018 sewer rate for residential properties is a base rate of $112.00 per quarter. The 2018 sewer rate for non-residential properties is a base rate of $34.43 per EDU (equivalent dwelling unit), per month, plus $2.99 per 1,000 gallons of usage.

Accounts are billed in the arrears. Bills are mailed out in January, April, July, and October and are due 35 days after the date of mailing. Payments received after the due date are subject to a 10% penalty charge on the current charges and 0.5% interest charge on unpaid balances.

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