Frequent Contacts

General Questions
(717) 766-0756

Building Codes

Frank Grottola
Building Codes Official
(717) 591-3767

Field Permitting

Eddie Mera-Aguilar
Parks and Facilities Coordinator
(717) 766-0756

MS4 Illegal Discharge/Dumping

Collin Barge
MS4 Coordinator/Public Works
(717) 766-0756 x126

Pavilion Rentals (Center Square, Fisher, Grantham, Miller’s Crest, Mt. Allen, Rosegarden, Simpson, Winding Hill North and South), Dog Park Registrations, Solicitation Permits (Transient Retail Business License)

William Schucker
Customer Support Representative
(717) 766-0756 x766

Public Works/Roads/Facilities

Corey Stazewski
Public Works Director
(717) 766-0756 x124

Right to Know Requests

Heather Negley
Executive Assistant to the Township Manager
(717) 766-0756 x754

Sewer Bills & Stormwater Bills

Shona Witmer

Resident Services Specialist, Sewer Accounts

(717) 591-3756

Stormwater Management

Garrett Vandebrake
Stormwater Program Manager

Tax Collector (Sharon Shipman)


Sharon Shipman

(717) 766-4238

Commissioner Contacts

Kenneth M. Martin, President

Richard A. Castranio, Jr., Vice President

Virginia M. Anderson

James G. Cochran

Jeffrey M. Walter

Other Helpful Numbers

(888) 697-0371

Joseph T. Simpson Public Library

(717) 766-0172

Penn State EMS

(717) 761-1038

(800) 342-5775

Republic Service (Trash and Recycling)

(800) 210-9675

Upper Allen Fire Marshal (Val Curd)

(717) 766-0756

Upper Allen Fire Department

(717) 697-9595

Upper Allen Police Department

(717) 795-2445

Veolia North America (Suez)

(717) 564-3662

Additional Community Services

Township Regulations

Township representatives posing for a picture with PA Gov. Wolfe

Emergency Alerts & News

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Xpress Bill Pay

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Community Map

Upper Allen Township community map