Clarification on 2023 County/Township Real Estate Tax Bill!

There seems to be confusion about a line on the 2023 County/Township Real Estate tax bill taxpayers should have recently received.

Under “OFFICE HOURS,” the third line down says “NO PERSONAL CHECKS AFTER 12/14/23”.  This does not mean that personal checks will no longer be accepted as payment for taxes!  It means that after December 14 of this year, the only acceptable payment will be cashier’s check, certified check, or money order rather than a personal check.  Please note that I do not accept cash at any time.

To clarify, the only time personal checks are not accepted in the tax office is at the end of the year when I am trying to close my books.  Personal checks will continue to be acceptable payment for taxes as long as I am in office—just not after December 14.  My predecessor also did not accept personal checks at the very end of the year, so nothing has changed!

If you have not received your 2023 County/Township Real Estate tax bill, please contact me at 717-766-4238 or (preferred) and I will provide you with a copy!  Also, if your mailing address has changed, please give me updated information.  Thank you.

Sharon Shipman

Tax Collector

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