BOC Agendas

The Board of Commissioners Meeting Agendas are made available to the public in advance of the meeting to provide notice of some anticipated topics. The Agenda topics can, and may, be amended up to and including during the meeting at the discretion of the Township. The Meeting Minutes can be found on the “Board of Commissioners” page under the Government tab above.

2019 BOC Agendas

2019-01-02 BOC1 Agenda209.7 KiB201
2019-01-16 BOC2 Agenda50.0 KiB197
2019-02-06 BOC1 Agenda55.5 KiB126
2019-03-06 BOC1 Agenda52.0 KiB98
2019-03-20 BOC2 Agenda114.4 KiB91
2019-04-03 BOC1 Agenda57.0 KiB40
2019-06-05 BOC1 Agenda134.8 KiB57
2019-07-03 BOC1 Agenda130.5 KiB39
2019-07-17 BOC2 Agenda50.5 KiB31
2019-08-07 BOC1 Agenda136.6 KiB29
2019-08-21 BOC2 Agenda111.8 KiB11

Archived BOC Meeting Agendas

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