Tropical Storm Ida – Expect Heavy Rain

An approaching weather event has the potential for periods of heavy rain starting Wednesday through Thursday night with localized flooding.  Drivers need to be extremely careful during periods of heavy rainfall. Be cautious of standing water and other road hazards. Turn your car around if you encounter water on the road that looks to be 6 inches or deeper–or you can’t tell how deep it is. Whenever possible, limit travel during times of severe weather.

Residents who have an emergency are reminded to call 911.

Motorists are reminded NOT to drive over downed power lines or through standing water.  Motorists are also reminded that a malfunctioning traffic signal should be treated as a 4-way stop. Also, remember per PA Traffic Law, if you are driving and come across a flooded roadway, please turn around! Driving past, around or through a sign or traffic-control device closing a road or highway due to an existing or hazardous condition is punishable by fines.

Important Contacts

 Phone numbers or contact information for problems with public utilities include: 

PPL – ( or 800-342-5775

PA American Water – 800-565-7292

Suez Water – 888-299-8972 or 717-564-3662

UGI – 800-609-4844 or

Upper Allen Township Wastewater Treatment Plant – 717-766-0756 or 717-697-9548 during business hours; 717-238-9676 after business hours

Residents are reminded that trees on their property which may be damaged due to the storm are their responsibility to clean up.  If a tree falls within the roadway, crews will, as soon as possible, clear the roadway by moving the fallen tree back onto the property from which it fell for safe travel and access by emergency responders, as needed.  If a tree, or tree limb, falls on a utility line creating an immediate safety issue, call 911 to notify first responders.  Power outages should be reported directly to PPL at 800-342-5775.

To learn more about Upper Allen Township’s Emergency Alert Service please use the following link:
To sign up for the South Central new public mass emergency notification alert service, please use the following link: 

 Other Reminders

Things to check around your home:

  1. Spouting and downspouts are clear of debris.
  2. Generators are ready and working.
  3. Sump pump is working.
  4. Street drains and culverts are open on your property.