On Wednesday, July 21st at 6:30 p.m.  the Board of Commissioners will consider a revised Phasing Plan for the Banzhoff Tract off Grantham Road and Gettysburg Pike.  The development plan was conditionally approved in May 2015.  A copy of the revised phasing plan can be found here:  Alternate Phasing PlanThe revised Phasing Plan now identifies the secondary access onto Gettysburg Pike to be constructed as part of Phase 2, which was required as part of the conditional approval of the plan.  Development of some single-family homes will also take place in Phase 2, which were previously part of Phase 3.  No changes are proposed to the overall design of the development nor the total number of homes to be constructed.

 To view additional information about the proposed Banzhoff Tract development plan, as well as other plans being considered by our boards, go to our Development Projects page under the Community heading or select the following link: https://uatwp.org/development-projects/.