Upper Allen Township is excited to announce its new TNR Voucher Program with The Nobody’s Cats Foundation. The Nobody’s Cat Foundation is a non-profit organization that promotes and encourages the TNR approach for combatting the ever-growing population of feral/free-roaming cats within the Central Pennsylvania area. The Foundation believes in pursuing a method that lessens the cats’ discomfort and distress while allowing them to continue their natural lives in the wild.

The Township has implemented a new voucher program that will relieve some of the costs associated with participating in the TNR program. The vouchers are redeemable for the standard TNR services including spay or neuter surgery, ear tip, parasite treatment, antibiotics, rabies and distemper vaccinations. Vouchers are only for free-roaming cats that will be returned to the wild; pets and free-roaming cats that will eventually become indoor pets are not eligible for services. These vouchers must be presented at time of service after scheduling a veterinarian visit with The Nobody’s Cats Foundation.  Residents are encouraged to stop by the Township building to pick up a voucher if participating in the program. Further questions regarding the Township’s TNR Voucher program can be directed to the Community Development Department during regular business hours. To learn more about becoming a caretaker in the TNR program, contact The Nobody’s Cats Foundation at nobodyscats.org or 1-855-867-4228.