Residents are reminded that it is the responsibility of property owners to remove snow, slush, and ice along the full width of the sidewalks and access ramps, across driveways, and around fire hydrants within 24 hours after the snow, slush, or ice has ceased to fall.  Snow, slush, and ice shall be removed in accordance with Sections 205-2 and 205-3 of the Township Ordinances, subject to the following conditions:

  1. Fire hydrants shall not be covered.
  2. If the snow, slush, or ice cannot be removed within 24 hours due to hardening, property owners must apply an abrasive (such as salt or sand) to allow for save travel.
  3. No snow, slush, ice, or a combination thereof shall stem from a property or be deposited or pushed from a property onto a street or other right-of-way at any location.
  4. No person shall damage any Township property while removing snow, slush, or ice.

For more information about property owners’ responsibilities when clearing private streets, fire hydrants, sidewalks and access ramps, and driveways, select the following link: Snow Removal Ordinance.