The Board of Commissioners is considering an ordinance to amend Chapter 233, which would prohibit the parking of a boats, buses, truck trailers, trailers, etc. on any residential street in or abutting any residential or mixed-use zoning districts. The Board of Commissioners will consider authorizing advertisement of such ordinance at its next meeting on December 2nd, with consideration to adopt on December 16th.

The update language is as follows:

It shall be unlawful for any person to park a boat, bus, truck trailer, trailer (which shall mean any wheeled vehicle without its own locomotive power designed to carry property or passengers or designed and used exclusively for living quarters wholly on its own structure, and to be drawn by a motor vehicle or tractor and including, but not limited to, house trailers, boat trailers and rental handling trailers), upon any residential street or highway in the Township, without having attached to such trailer a means of mechanical traction constructed or designed for the purpose of drawing such trailer, as set forth in Chapter 245, Zoning, as amended; provided, however, trucks, truck tractors, equipment, and machinery, campers, motor home vehicles and trailers shall be permitted to park upon any street in said residential districts for the purpose of making deliveries to or picking up goods, wares, merchandise or materials from and of performing work on or from premises situated upon or adjacent to any such street or alley.

For more information about the ordinance amendment, please contact the Township.