PPL will soon begin rebuilding their “Mt. Allen Tap” transmission line, which runs through the Winding Hills area of the Township. A map of the location can be found here: Mt Allen Route Map 3.10.2020. The existing transmission line support structures consist of wood poles and/or lattice towers, and they will be replaced with steel poles designed to be stronger and more resistant to wind and strong storms.

Construction will begin around March 16, 2020 and continue into September 2020.  During this time, multiple phases of construction will take place, including: building access roads, drilling and installing pole foundations, transporting equipment, pole erection, wire stringing, and restoration of the right-of-way.  PPL may be using heaving equipment and helicopters to complete the work.  All work will take place within PPL’s property, easements and authorized access areas.  Residents are not expected to have electrical service disruptions during this time.

PPL is also asking residents to be safe and to not interfere with the field work or approach field crews unannounced.  Should you have any questions or concerns regarding this project, you may contact Cory Michelson, Right-of-way Agent, at 816-332-1705 or 717-727-5456 or by email at: Cory.mickelson@contractlandstaff.com.