On Wednesday, December 19th, the Upper Allen Township Stormwater Authority approved the Stormwater Utility Fee Credit & Adjustment Policy and Stormwater Utility Fee Credit Manual. Property owners can now apply to receive a credit on their stormwater fee. There are several different credits and reduction options available to residents, businesses, churches, non-profits, and industries.

Please note, credits are applied directly to the amount of impervious area and not directly to the Utility Fee. Property owners are not eligible to reduce their designated ERUs to a value less than 0.5 ERUs for single-family residential parcels and not less than 1.0 ERUs for non-residential parcels. To be eligible for a credit, there must not be any outstanding and unpaid Utility Fees. Credits cannot be applied to previous billing cycles, with the exception of the Conservation Plan credit.

Additionally, the Township Authority has an inventory of existing Structural Best Management Practices (BMPs) that were constructed as part of previously approved land development plans. The existing Structural BMPs included in this inventory are not eligible to receive the Structural BMP credit, as credit was already taken for these facilities through the creation of the Township’s Combined Pollutant Reduction Plan. Please check with the Township to see if your property is included in the list prior applying.

To view the application, credit manual and additional information, please visit the Stormwater Authority’s webpage at www.uatwp.org/stormwater-authority-swa/.